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The Baptist Catechism (1695)
w/ In-Line Scripture Proof Texts (NKJV
or KJV)
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Title:  Baptist Catechism (Green Cover)

General Editor: Rev. D.W. Barger
Copy Editor: A.J. Hammaker

Original Pub Date: 1695

Misc. Info: 
~ Updated historical introduction.

~ Unabridged, word-for-word republication of original.

~ Scripture texts embedded in body of confession.

~ Color insert facsimile of original title page.

~ Newly typeset.

~ Helpful scripture index.

~ Perfect Bound w/ Satin headbands and ribbon bookmark.

~ Hardcover w/ quality book cloth and gold stamping on cover and spine.

~ Natural colored pages.

~ Weighs aprox. .5 lb.

~ Dimensions: 5.5 w x 8.0 h x 1.25 d

~ Page Count: 127

~ ISBN 978-1-64127-022-9

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