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All donations are given through a local church and are tax deductible under US law.

As a small publisher, we heavily depend upon your generosity to help cover the costs associated with placing these valuable works into a lasting format.

​One of the most pressing needs among Calvinistic Baptist churches is to preserve their literary heritage. A heritage that is both theologically driven and spiritually rooted. One which offers penetrating insights into God’s word, but also conveys a deep sense of profound devotion to God in response to experienced grace in the life of the believer.


Like their Puritan and Reformed counterparts, the early Particular Baptists possessed a keen awareness regarding the important details and distinctions of theology. Their well-attested abilities as theologians did not produce dead scholasticism, rather it fostered a genuine devotion toward God in their own lives which then overflowed into the lives of those who, as ministers, they served.


Such a literary heritage has much to offer today's church. Recovering them and making them readily available would provide both the current and future generations much needed direction in true godliness and practical righteousness founded upon the clear and unambiguous truths of Scripture.


Unfortunately, a vast majority of these works are limited to obscure digital databases making them difficult to access and out of the reach of church members and the pastors who lead them. If in print, they are often found needing to be freshly typeset and presented in a format suitable for the modern audience.

We hope you would agree, that our churches and seminaries deserve better access to the rich theological heritage of their forefathers.  Men who were not only godly examples in character, but also first-rate scholars, second to none.

​Therefore, it is vital that Calvinistic Baptists begin to take practical and proactive steps in preserving their literary heritage. If they fail to do so, no one else will do it for them. 

PBHB has already taken the first practical step and now needs your to help to take more.

Beginning in 2018 we have invested the time, research and equipment required to streamline the production of such works in high quality, cloth-bound editions, finished off with satin bookmarks, headbands and gold foil embossed hard covers. Quality that these types of theological treasures deserve.

We like to refer to them as ‘heirloom’ quality books. Books that possess an attractive durability which will last for generations to come.

Starting in January 2022, we have successfully published several confessional and catechetical standards of the English Particular Baptists in resourceful formats never before done.


Currently, we have several key works ready for publication with many more in the planning stage. These works highlight the Particular Baptist's significant contributions to Christ’s church and offer many benefits to the larger Christian community.

We are confident that by investing in the literary preservation and distribution of these important works the pastors (also future pastors) and missionaries of our churches will be strengthened and further equipped to faithfully proclaim God's word, which in return will
(1) build up Christ's church and (2) be used to lead many to the Savior!

Would you then, please prayerfully consider making a financial gift to support our efforts?

Here is a list of what we need assistance with:

-  Copy Editor Annual Salary

- Annual Operating Costs

- Foreign Translation Costs

​You may wish to make a onetime donation, or add us to your monthly giving.

Churches are encouraged to prayerfully consider adding us to their domestic mission support, as we strategically place our materials in the hands of missionaries (at home and abroad) free of charge, further equipping them in their work.


Additionally, we selectively distribute our materials, free of charge, to future church leaders, seminary teachers and students throughout the world. This fosters a deeper acquaintance with and appreciation for the overall history, theology and relevancy of the
Particular Baptists.

To learn more about us and our vision click here (about us).


If you have additional questions about our publishing ministry, would like to become a financial supporter, or inquire how you might otherwise help us in our goals, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Donor Relations:

Rev. Ken Glisch



Bronze Partnership - $25 Month. 
Bronze sponsors will receive monthly ministry updates from our General Editor that will
detail our activities and can be easily
shared with one’s church and friends.

Silver Partnership - $50 Month.

Silver sponsors will receive the monthly updates

in addition to (1) free store item

(shirt, mug, pin, etc) per year along

with (1) free book per quarter (every 3 mths).

Gold Partnership - $100 Month.

Gold sponsors will receive all the above,

however will additionally receive 1 free book per month in addition to being invited in to an annual ‘partners’ dinner/banquet that will

host a special guest speaker.

Platinum Partnership - Sponsor a book.

Platinum sponsors are those who select a title from the pre-pub book list and finance its publication.

Platinum sponsors will receive all the above,

however will additionally have the option of publishing the book in honor of a person or institution of their choosing

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QR donate code

Make an online donation
using a credit card:


Mail a check to:
Particular Baptist Heritage Books
7346 S. Grant City Road
Knightstown, IN 46148

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