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Particular Baptist Heritage Books (PBHB) is a non-profit publishing ministry

founded in connection with a local church (PBHB team). With help from an

advisory board consisting of Calvinistic Baptist pastors and scholars, we

seek to preserve the history, theology and relevancy of our Particular Baptist

forebears by publishing and promoting their most important literary works. 


Our mission is to glorify God and strengthen His Church by furnishing

Christians with the very best of the Particular Baptist literary heritage.


While much valuable Christian literature from prior centuries has been

republished in recent years, the Particular Baptists have been largely forgotten.

Yet, their contributions in the areas of biblical exegesis, theology, history,

and practical Christian living have much to offer today's church.


Sadly, a majority of their writings are limited to obscure digital

databases or, if in print, found needing to be freshly typeset and presented

in a format suitable for the modern audience.

The literary heritage of the Particular Baptists demonstrates a firm and faithful  commitment to:

(1) the gospel of Jesus Christ

(2) its proclamation to all the world, and

(3) the inspiration, inerrancy, and absolute authority of all Scripture.


We desire to champion their God-glorifying, Christ-exalting, Word-centered legacy by producing high-quality, hand-crafted, hard-cased editions of their works which will endure for generations to come.  

PBHB prays that such literature will promote spiritual maturity in Christ’s Church, while at the same time point the unregenerate to the merciful cross of Jesus Christ. 


Such a mission will require the support of others who value its importance. 


Will you please prayerfully consider partnering with us? 

If you have additional questions about our publishing ministry, would like to become a financial supporter, or inquire how you might otherwise help us in our goals, please do not hesitate to contact our General Editor:

Rev. D.W. Barger

Phone: 317.945.2262



'Baptised Church' at Horselydown, Southwark, London
Rev. Benjamin Keach (1640-1704)


Help support the mission of PBHB

Your generosity fuels our efforts!

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