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The Death of Legal Hope
The Life of Evangelical Obedience
By: Abraham Booth (1734-1806)

Book Description:
The Apostle Paul frequently teaches upon the role of the Moral Law in the life and practice of the Christian. One such place is his inspired epistle to the Galatian church. Against a backdrop where “…some professors of evangelical doctrine are verging towards Arminian legality, and others towards Antinomian licentiousness…” Booth turns his reader’s attention to Gal.2:19 and provides a clear and comprehensible teaching on the Christian’s relationship to God’s Moral Law.

Book Information:
Original Publication Date: 1770. Unabridged, word-for-word republication of original. New typeset not a facsimile. Includes portrait print of author and helpful scripture index.

Book Details: 
Satin headbands and ribbon bookmark. 
Weight aprox. 1.0 lb.
Dimensions: 5.5 w x 8.0 h x .75 d
Page Count: 177
ISBN 978-1-64127-033-5

Cataloging Data: Booth, Abraham; English Particular Baptists; Justification; Moral Law; Biblical covenants.

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