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Works of Abraham Booth - Vol.1
by: A. Booth (1734-1806)


Original Title: The Works of Abraham Booth

Original Author: Abraham Booth (1734-1806)

Original Pub Date: Various

Misc. Info: 
~ Vol.1 Contents:

   Original Memoir of the Author

   Preface to Volume 1

   The Reign of Grace (1813 Ninth Edition)

   The Death of Legal Hope the Life of Evangelical Obedience (1770 Edition)

~ Unabridged, word-for-word republication of originals.

~ Newly typeset, not a facsimile.

~ Perfect Glue Bound w/ Satin headbands and ribbon bookmark.

~ Hardcover w/ quality book cloth and gold stamping on cover and spine.

~ Natural colored pages.

~ Weighs aprox. 2.5 lbs.

~ Dimensions: 6.375 w x 9.5 h x 1.0 d

~ Page Count: 518

~ ISBN 978-1-64127-028-1

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