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Works of John Dagg Vol.1

Works of John Dagg Vol.1

Original Title: Manual of Theology. Part One: A Treatise on Christian Doctrine

Original Author: John L. Dagg (1794-1884).

Original Pub Date: 1857


Misc. Info: 
~ Vol.1 Contents:

1. Study of Religious Truth
2. Doctrine Concerning God

3. Doctrine Concerning the Will and Work of God

4. Doctrine Concerning the Fall and Present State of Man

5. Doctrine Concerning Jesus Christ

6. Doctrine Concerning the Holy Spirit

7. Doctrine Concerning Divine Grace

8. Doctrine Concerning the Future World

9. Sctripture Index


~ Unabridged, word-for-word republication of original.

~ Newly typeset, not a facsimile.

~ Sturdy Flat-Back spine.

~ Perfect Glue Binding w/ Satin headbands and ribbon bookmark.

~ Hardcover w/ quality book cloth and gold stamping on cover and spine.

~ Natural colored pages.

~ Weighs aprox. 2.0 lbs.

~ Dimensions: 6.375 w x 9.5 h x 1.0 d

~ Page Count: 626

~ ISBN 978-1-64127-037-3

$49.92 Regular Price
$29.95Sale Price
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