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John Fawcett - Christ Precious to Those who Believe

John Fawcett - Christ Precious to Those who Believe

Author: John Fawcett (1739-1817)

Original Pub Date: 1799


Readers of this volume will find this work scripturally instructive and spiritually devotional. John Fawcett, using the phrase from 1 Peter 2:7– unto you therefore which believe He is Precious, excellently propounds the incomparable value of Christ in his person, works, and worth. Jesus is set forth as the object of Christian study and worship.


As he explains various ways Christ is precious, Fawcett demonstrates Puritan-like thoroughness. Seventeen reasons why Jesus is “more [precious] than another beloved” are provided. Twelve identifiers are given to help distinguish whether Christ is esteemed as valuable to professing Christians. A sixfold explanation of saving faith is set forth to discriminate between those who believe in Christ and unbelievers. These thorough lists help readers consider the implications of 1 Peter 2:7 and this verse’s relation to all Scripture.


This book is also characterized by experiential theology. Fawcett writes as one who has experienced the saving benefits of union with Jesus Christ; it is evident that the author felt Christ to be precious to him. Like St. Augustine’s “Confessions,” the author begins by writing to his readers, then changes his audience to God through written prayers. Explanations about Christ quickly change to prayers of worship to Christ. The contemplation of Christ’s preciousness leads to doxology to the Triune God.


For several reasons, this book can be pastorally-useful. Saving faith is explained for Christians wrestling with assurance and for self-deceived hypocrites. Christology and soteriology are explained with clarity for those needing doctrinal instruction. God’s providence and sovereignty are explained for afflicted saints. A plea to embrace Christ is given to unbelievers.


This book exemplifies the valuable treasures contained within the Particular Baptist literary heritage. As per the mission of Particular Baptist Heritage books, may its republication serve to glorify God and strengthen His church.


~ Unabridged, word-for-word republication of original.

~ Newly typeset, not a facsimile.

~ Sturdy Flat-Back spine.

~ Perfect Glue Binding w/ Satin headbands and ribbon bookmark.

~ Hardcover w/ quality book cloth and gold stamping on cover and spine.

~ Natural colored pages.

~ Weighs aprox. .5 lbs.

~ Dimensions: 6.375 w x 9.5 h x 1.0 d

~ Page Count: 232

~ ISBN 978-1-64127-044-1

$26.68 Regular Price
$18.94Sale Price
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