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C.H. Spurgeon - Childhood Conversions

C.H. Spurgeon - Childhood Conversions

Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892) not only loved to preach Christ crucified to thousands, but he also loved to tell children individually about his Savior. Desiring to pass on lessons he learned as a child and later as a minster, Spurgeon wrote Come Ye Children. In this work, the Prince of Preachers exhorts his readers to zealously teach the gospel to children, and he warned parents and adults against making the following two errors.


The first error according to Spurgeon is to neglect a child’s soul. The second and opposite error is to assume children of believers will automatically be saved. In various essays on the conversion of children to Christ, Spurgeon seeks to demonstrate that children are indeed capable of understanding the gospel, and they are hindered in their pursuit of the truth when we water it down. From Scripture he masterfully demonstrates that parents and the church have a responsibility given them by Christ to care for and evangelize the souls of children. Have you ever asked yourself “Whats the best way to teach the gospel to children?” Have you ever wondered how much of it they can grasp?


In this book, Spurgeon powerfully uses various accounts of young children coming to faith and serving the Lord, as well as examining the exhortations to adults given by King David to help you navigate one of the greatest duties we possess as Christian parents and churches – evangelizing the children in our lives.


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